Il Querceto - Bed & Breakfast e Appartamenti a Perugia


Give yourself a well-deserved rest in our friendly house Il Querceto is an old farmhouse restructured in the eighties, surrounded by a park with swimming pool, a garden and a small portion of a wood of oaks and acacias. Placed to around 10 northeasts Km of Perugia it is find out to the borders of […]

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We are Daniele and Paola, a couple of fans of Nature, which is why we came here from Rome. For a change the air! We rolled up our sleeves and here realized our dream: to live surrounded by greenery, we have two wonderful daughters born here in Perugia, a part of the forest, a small […]

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Touristic district Perugia

The territory of the tourist district, situated in the central area of Umbria, introduces a lot of the peculiar characteristics of the region: uncontaminated nature that alternates splendid historical centers to the soft hills where for a long time man and nature cohabit in mutual symbiosis.
The landscape, covered by the green of the vineyards and the ulivetis, it is punctuated from castles, boundaries and medieval towers that hack him inside historical centers of great suggestion that preserve a notable patrimony artistic and cultural fruit of a glorious past.
In every angle and in the plazas of the cities monuments can be admired that testify centuries of history, art and culture.
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District of Perugia
Loggia dei Lanari, Piazza Matteotti 18 – 06100 Perugia
Tel. 075.5736458 / 075.5772686 – Fax 075.5720988

Touristic district Assisi

The territory of the tourist district is situated in the center-oriental area of Umbria, limited to northeast from the Subasio Mountain and southeast from the hills that they separate her/it from the Valley of the Tevere.
Destination forced of the international tourism, Assisi is situated inside the regional Park of the Subasio Mountain, a natural environment of great environmental value and permeated by an intense tied up mystical atmosphere to the Franciscan spirituality.
Besides the natural resources the territory prepares of such an artistic and cultural wealth thanks to which the seraphic city, where it detaches the Basilica of S. Francis, fulcrum of the world religiousness, has been declared World Patrimony of the humanity of the Unesco.
Further information

District of Assisi
Piazza del Comune – 06081 Assisi
Tel. 075.812534 / 812923 / 812450 – Fax 075.813727

Touristic district Gubbio

The territory of the tourist district is situated in the north-oriental area of Umbria, to the border with the Brands (east).
Predominantly mountainous zone, delimited to east from the chain appenninica and to west from the valley of the Tevere, it is rich of natural beauties and treasures of art where history, culture and landscape cohabit in a harmonic symbiosis. Close to historical centers of extraordinary beauty and suggestion that preserve excellent testimonies of the medieval epoch, he/she offers a nature with uncontaminated environments and artistic handicraft productions that testify the secular mastery of one consolidated ability.
Further information

District of Gubbio
Via della Repubblica 15 – 06024 Gubbio
Tel. 075.9220693 – Fax 075.9273409