Our Barter Guest: Ian & Carolyn Christmann


Hello Il Querceto,

We are writing in response to your listing on Barter Week. We noticed that one of your trade requests was photography. My husband, Ian Christmann, is a professional photographer, specializing in architecture and property. You can see
some of his portfolio at:
Our family (Ian and I and two boys ages 9 and 11) are planning on being in Italy near your vacation property from September 27 – October 3 and would love to consider a barter at your place.
For property photography, Ian uses a flash-painting technique where he selectively lights each portion of a room or scene and then composites the images together in post-production for a final image with optimal lighting and impact. The technique takes a bit more time, but the results make it worth it. Ian’s regular rates reflect his level of experience and expertise, however, when traveling, we occasionally will reduce his fees in order to accommodate a barter, as it has proven to be mutually beneficial. It provides properties (b&b’s or hotels) with images at no direct cost, and, by staying on-site, it allows Ian more time and access to capture the property with ideal lighting and weather conditions (he often works with early morning light, as well as the gloaming hour for his night shots). 
We also run a communications/marketing company and have found that a smaller set of high-quality images is more useful and effective than a larger collection of less-impacting photos. For that reason, Ian works on a per-image basis. His process is to create a small library of images and have the property owner select the images they would like for final edits and delivery, with the final quantity of images depending on the property owner’s needs and the barter value (how many days/regular cost/etc).
Ideally,  we would request a minimum of 3 – 4 nights stay, to provide Ian adequate time to capture the property, as well as to enjoy some time in the property as well.
Please let us know if you have availability and interest. Looking forward to talking more soon.

Hi Carolyn,

I’m very impressed watching Ian’s photo gallery. Very cute artistic shots. In a new amenities marketing context, at present we are developing a new website that collaborate with our main website.
So we would need of new beautiful pics for making a new attractive gallery, and show our love attitude for the amazing green nature, traditional culture and historical architecture of territory around us.

We would be glad to host your family close to your dates, we have availability from Sept. 29. Then if you like our region and our hospitality, you may stay also a week, if you want.
We can accommodate you in an two-roomed apartment like this:

Let me know your decision for reserve you the accommodation.

looking forward.